As a rule of thumb, I chmod EVERY folder 777 and EVERY file 666; it's easier than going folder to folder looking for a stray (note that some web servers will NOT allow a script (ubbthreads.php) to execute (run) if it is in a folder that is chmodded 777 or if that file has write permissions; this is semi-rare and your web server logs will indicate if this is an issue).

Also, I upload EVERY file EXCEPT for the includes/ and cache_builders/custom folders and the /styles/wrappers.php file (yes, you should overwrite every other file/folder, common.css and admin.css included as elements do change with every version).

Ensure that if you're using a CDN that you've DISABLED it (usually a "development mode" or by turning it off) during an install/upgrade/import and that you purge all cached files after upgrading.

You should also clear your browser cache after an upgrade to refresh the CSS files in your browser (CTRL F5) as the control panel style you're currently using isn't the v7.6.0 control panel style..

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