UBB.Classic as a product was shelved (End of Life) on October 5th, 2006 when v7 of UBB.threads was released; the final build of UBB.Classic was v6.7.3 which was released in 2005. Your release is well prior to that, I don't even have a changelog available regarding a version in the v5 branch. The file dates in the v547e archive that I have on hand, note files being from as late as 2001, and as early as 1998.

The UBBCode in the v5 series of UBB.Classic was extremely limited; the oldest release that I have on hand is v547e, which displays the following coding for UBBCode (cgi-bin/postings.cgi):
sub UBBCode {
my $ThePost = shift;
if ($ThePost =~ /\.cookie/i) {
	&StandardHTML("Illegal HTML tag, COOKIE");
if ($ThePost =~ /\ONERROR\s*=/i) {
	&StandardHTML("Illegal HTML tag, ONERROR");

#auto URL---
$ThePost =~ s/(\[URL|(^|\s)http:\/\/|(^|\s)www\.)(\S*?)".*?(\]|\[\/URL\]|\s|$)/$1$4$5/isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(^|\s)(http:\/\/\S+|https:\/\/\S+)(\.?|,?)/$1<A HREF="$2" TARGET=_blank>$2<\/A>$3/isg;
$ThePost =~ s/(^|\s)(www\.\S+)(\.?|,?)/$1<A HREF="http:\/\/$2" TARGET=_blank>$2<\/A>$3/isg;
return $ThePost unless ($ThePost =~ /\[\/.+]/); # only process if there are ubbcode tags

$ThePost =~ s/(\[URL\])(http|https|ftp)(:\/\/\S+?)(\[\/URL\])/ <A HREF="$2$3" TARGET=_blank>$2$3<\/A> /isg;
$ThePost =~ s/(\[URL\])(\S+?)(\[\/URL\])/ <A HREF="http:\/\/$2" TARGET=_blank>$2<\/A> /isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(\[URL=)(http|https|ftp)(:\/\/\S+?)(\])(.+?)(\[\/URL\])/<A HREF="$2$3" TARGET=_blank>$5<\/A>/isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(\[URL=)(\S+?)(\])(.+?)(\[\/URL\])/<A HREF="http:\/\/$2" TARGET=_blank>$4<\/A>/isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(\[EMAIL\])(\S+\@\S+?)(\[\/EMAIL\])/ <A HREF="mailto:$2">$2<\/A>/isg;

$ThePost =~ s,(\[code\])(.+?)(\[/code\]),<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="$FontFace">code:<\/font><HR><pre>$2</pre><HR><\/BLOCKQUOTE>,isg;

if ( ($OverrideImages ne "yes") && ($UBBImages eq "ON") ) {
$ThePost =~ s/(\[IMG\])(http:\/\/\S+)(\[\/IMG\])/ <IMG SRC="$2"> /isg;


$ThePost =~ s/(\[QUOTE\])(.+?)(\[\/QUOTE\])/ <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="$FontFace">quote:<\/font><HR><font face="$FontFace" size="$TextSize">$2<\/font><HR><\/BLOCKQUOTE>/isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(\[i\])(.+?)(\[\/i\])/<I>$2<\/I>/isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(\[b\])(.+?)(\[\/b\])/<B>$2<\/B>/isg;
$ThePost =~ s/(\[list\])\n?\r?(.+?)(\[\/list\])/<UL TYPE=SQUARE>$2<\/UL>/isg;
$ThePost =~ s/(\[list=)(A|1)(\])\n?\r?(.+?)(\[\/list\])/<OL TYPE=$2>$4<\/OL>/isg;
$ThePost =~ s/\n?\r?(\[\*\])/<LI>/isg;
return ($ThePost);


So it looks like the only BBCode in this version are those which display in the forum help (NonCGI/ubbcode.html):
Lists, Bold, Italicize, Quotes, Image Tags, Code Tag, then URL/Email.

Bottom line, if you want current BBCode, or care anything for current web standards, you'd need to be running something that isn't 20+ years old.

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