I basically copied the entire ubb source directory (& all subdirectories and files) from the source location to the server. I was uploading some non-ubb related directories and accidentally clicked on the ubb source directory in my FTP program.

I then downloaded the 7.6.2 zip files, unzipped them, and uploaded directories and files as listed in the upgrade docs. I then ran the ugprade script and ran into the Check Files issue.

So to answer your question, I wasn't running a 7.6.2 upgrade on a fully functional forum. It was broken because a lot of files were overwritten from the source of

My database is intact (and backed up nightly). Can I just download that version's install files and do a clean install without initializing the database? Or is there some other suggestion you might have.

Is there a way to verify for certainty what version my system was on before doing the clean install to be sure my database is the correct version for the code?

I probaby do have enough space to backup operational files once I get working again. Is there a list of what those files would be that I need?

I also need to be sure I don't call my local source directory the same as it is called on the server in case the same thing were to occur again.

Thanks again.

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