backup, backup, and backup.

Keep a scheduled backup.
Backup before you make major changes or upgrades.
If it means anything to you now, make a backup of it for for later when you may need it.

If everything is setup and working for you now, it's time to make that backup thumbsup

NOTES from UBB.threads 7.6.1 Changelog dated 2017-05-02:
[NEW] The current forum config file is now backed up before new changes are saved. Normally there would be no need for this step, though an incorrectly configured server or php.ini setting may cause havoc and corrupt the new config file creation process. A forum owner can now roll back to their backup config file, if the new one was corrupted upon its creation.

UBB.threads 7.6.1 also brings with it some much needed updating of the SQL database exporting utility:

Though, none of that means anything unless you export that data from your server, and store it elsewhere.

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