UBB.threads Group Image Pack
Your UBB.threads install is packaged with a basic set of Group Images. Additional images are available independently with the intention of being useful to all UBB.threads forums. They can be installed and used with UBB.threads 7.0 series through to the current 7.7 series. We have made minor adjustments to them to account for the many different UBB.thread style themes you might be using, such as a light or a dark style. At no extra cost, they are made available to all current and past license holders. thumbsup

[Linked Image]

How-To Change A Group Image
Group Images can easily be updated from within the Control Panel > Groups page.

1. Click the current Group Image (or "[none]" link) under the "Image" column.
2. Click "Browse" button and navigate to the directory on your local computer where you unzipped the downloaded files to (ex. from the "group-images-20200719.zip" archive) and select the .gif/.jpg/.png image file you want to use.
3. Click the "Update Group Image" button at the bottom.

1. Click the current Group Image under the "Image" column.
2. Without clicking the "Browse" button, click the "Update Group Image" button at the bottom.

You can find this archive within the Member Area downloads section under "Style Packs & Resources"

The following Group Images are available within the archive:

[Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image]

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