Ok I have no idea if I am in the right area to post this or not because there are way too many categories but here we go....

I have a really old version of Ultimate Board version 6.04d, however this has always worked just perfect for me so I don't bother upgrading. Anyways, just recently I had to move my board to a new server so I went though your backup procedure and all that. Well, I installed the board and everything works except 1 thing...

When you try to post a new topic it goes through the whole processing spiel but after its through the topic never appears, but if you go to the "last post" the time and everything shows up of the post but no title appears its just blank. And if you go into the actual forum it just doesn't appear at all. I should also mention that if you reply to an old topic the post appears. The problem is that no new topics can be created. I hope this all made sense. It is a real problem and I would like to get it fixed as soon as possible thanks.

Link: http://www.givemebackmyson.com/cgi-bin/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi

(Edit: This bug is invalid because it is being reported for a non-current version. The current version at time of posting was 6.6.1. Please upgrade if you wish to file a bug report.)

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