UBB.classic version 6.6.1 has been released to the Member Area.

Version 6.6.1 is a bug fix release for followup to 6.6.0.

- Fixed a cosmetic error on the Graemlins tab
- Removed extra HTML in the title of private messages pages
- Fixed the breadcrumbs in the control panel after creating a category
- Removed references to Data:: Dumper to fix problems with old servers
- Altered the Accelerator to properly serve up additional pages of Today's Active Topics
- Applied various small XHTML compliance fixes
- Added additional checks to ensure that forum deletion occurs properly
- Added additional checks to ensure that users can not edit messages if message editing is disabled
- Fixed three controls on the Preferences tab of the control panel user profile editing page
- Removed an extra pipe character from the breadcrumbs if registration is suspended (not disabled)

Member Area change:

In order to make our Member area cleaner and less confusing, and to keep our download zips of reasonable size, we are no longer packaging download .zips with and without all of the optional Avatar images.
All of the version .zips come with only a small sample of Avatar Images. We will continue to have two optional Avatar image packs in the Member Area available for download.