UBB.classic version 6.6 has been released to the Member Area.

What's new? The entire control panel is what's new! This is not a re-skin or a cosmetic update. The entire control panel has been rewritten from scratch making it quicker to find the controls you need and making it easier to use them. It has been thoroughly modernized and greatly simplified and streamlined. Using DHTML, tabs, expandors, simplified wording, check boxes instead of radios, and more modern web standards we've made a control panel that is easy to use, less cluttered,and easy to expand upon. The new control panel does come with new browser requirements (requirements for the front end are still as they have been). Please see below for a note on these requirements.

Along with the redesign are some new functionality enhancements to even further make your administrating tasks easier, such as
Added the ability to prune more than one forum at a time
You can delete declined members from the Moderation queue
You can moderate user registration requests in the queue and opt to bypass sending notification email.
Actions from the User search screen are far more streamlined.
Mass mails can be sent directory from the user search results screen allowing for a more fine grained search and more targeted email lists. The former 200 user emails limit has also been removed.
The 4 moderator per forum limit is gone. No more limit.

We've also added some other smaller updates.

COPPA registration procedures updated.
User email preferences are not filled in at registration time by default. The registrant now must opt in or out of mass emails at registration time.

Browser requirements (for the control panel)-

MSIE 5.5 or up for Windows
Netscape 6.2 and higher, all platforms
Opera 7.0 and higher, all platforms
MSIE 5.2 and higher for Mac
Safari 1.0
Any Gecko based browser

Always remember to review the upgrade instructions before begining, and never overwrite *ANY* vars_ files unless directed to in the instructions!