Are you interested in helping out as a beta tester for the Next Generation of Infopop UBB downloadable software? We are seeking applications for the next group of product test volunteers.

New product beta testers get to see the Next Generation product before most of our license holders, get to see it grow, and can submit valuable input while it is being developed. Beta testers also receive free Member Area renewal for as long as they remain on the beta test team.

To be considered we require the following:

◦ Minimum one year ownership and operation of a licensed UBB.threads or UBB.classic community.
◦ Must be able and willing to run beta software long term in a production environment.
◦ The software must be operated on a public-facing website.
◦ Must be able to folllow both simple and complex upgrade instructions on a timely and frequent basis.
◦ Must be able to report clearly and accurately on bugs and/or feature changes.
◦ Must be able to agree to, sign for, and adhere to a Non Disclosure Agreement.
A prospective tester must have an understanding that there will be bugs in the software, and at times there will be a lot of bugs. This can be very disruptive to a community. Our more successful beta testers have been able to involve their community in testing and to instill in them the spirit and humor involved in testing new forum software, keeping them interested and helping them to enjoy the process.

Beta testers are expected to keep up-to-date with beta test versions by downloading and installing beta and development versions within 2 days of release. Beta testers will be required to fully participate and to provide feedback on a beta test forum, the location of which will be provided at the beginning of the program.

To be considered as a beta tester please email [][/] with a request to become a beta tester. Please make the subject of your email "Beta Test Application" and include the following information:
◦ Your UBB.classic or UBB.threads license number (please do NOT include a Member Area password.)
◦ The URL to your board.
◦ Any necessary access information if the UBB is not readable by the general public.

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