I would like to see a link "New Post" in the title menu bar (where Who's online, FAQ and all the other things appear). This should lead to a newpost form in which I could create my message. A dropdown list box should exist which allows me to select the target board where the message should be posted to.


Well, it would things make easier for some people. Today a user has to switch to the specific board where he wants the new post to be placed. If a user want to create more than one message at a time, he has to travel through all the boards he wants to create messages. That suggested link would be a central place to create new messages. It also would be fine for people who had used CompuServe. In CompuServe the behaviour is that you have one only new message form (just like the way I recommended the new feature). Those (ex-) CompuServe members would have the chance to understand using wwwthreads forums more quickly than today.



Carsten Müller, Hamburg (Germany)