I am building a custom page using the sample template that came with V7.0 as a starting point. From the template, I pass some variables via a forum where the user slects from drop downs. However, For some reason, when the variables get passed to the scripts page, any spaces seem to get removed. So that, if an item in the drop down says "Micheal Jordan", when it gets to the scripts page the variable becomes "MichaelJordan". Then, when I pass that variable back to the template as a smarty variable, and print it with {$variable1} it prints "MichaelJordan" all scrunched together. I am using a form with the "Post" method to pass the variable to the smarty script file for my page. Anyone have any idea why the variable spaces are getting removed and is there anything I can do about it? I have also tried GET with the same results. For encyption in my form, I'm using:

Any help or insight would be appreciated,