Do you support modifications?
As we did not create the 3rd party code, we cannot support it or any features that they modify. You may be requested to remove any modifications, restoring your UBB.threads installation to its stock/unmodified state, before requesting support.

Is there any sort of modification or design community for UBB.threads?
Yes, UBB.Developers Network (formerly including ThreadsDev) is the official, long lived, UBB.threads and UBB.Classic development site geared towards support, addons, modifications, styles, etc. UBBDev is also the home of the official UBB.threads Development Team.

Can I make feature requests?
The Feedback and Suggestions forum is here for any and all feature requests that you may have. Please note that as of v7.5.8 we require any requests to utilize 3rd party content follow several guidelines:
  • Must be HTML5/CSS3 Valid
  • Must have an appropriate license to be bundled with a commercial script
  • Must have clean and well formatted coding
  • Must be mobile capable

When can I tell when a feature is going to be added?
As features are added, or bugs are fixed, they are amended to the latest changelog in the ChangeLog Forum. You can also find any up to date Developer Notes at in the Official UBB.threads Announcements forum at UBBDev.

Is there a Beta Tester Team?
You can find information about becoming a Beta Tester on the UBBWiki Article Entry Beta Testing UBB.threads (Beta Tester Expectations and Information).

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