We recently decided to finally upgrade our medical transcription community forum from UBB Classic to UBB Threads. This decision was a long time coming because we were so reticent about the upgrade process.

We finally took the plunge and renewed our license and also purchased the installation/upgrade option. Rick Baker took charge of our file and performed the whole process of upgrading and installation flawlessly. He also ensured that any links to our old board would automatically redirect visitors and members to the new board.

Rick kept our case file open until we were sure we were running as expected.

Rick's personal attention made all the difference to us finally moving forward with our forum. The number of third-party templates that may be installed is also a very good feature, especially for those people who are incapable or don't have the time to design their own templates.

For anyone reading this who has been trying to decide whether to upgrade or not, I would say "go for it." It's painless and very affordable and you will not regret your decision.

Stephen O'Mara
MTGab Medical Transcription Forum