UBB.Threads 7.5.9 has been released and is now available to download in the Members Area.

Changes in this release and general notes

This release is primarily a "code cleanup" release. There are a few much-needed fixes to the layout within the admin section and the overall general layout of how the forums are displayed.

Much of the code now has standardized headers across all files.

In order to lower the install footprint even more, all of the blank and "// end if" comments have been stripped. Multiple lines have had "trailing spaces" stripped. Grouped-spaces have been converted to tabs. Basically, there has been a lot of cleaning up put in to each file.

There have been numerous corrections made to the English language files.

And finally, some long-standing bugs have been squashed.

First and most importantly about this release, the UPGRADE_CHANGES.txt and LANGUAGE_CHANGES.txt (100 lines) list all the files/lines with major and minor changes. Roughly 720 files have been "touched" and cleaned up. This cleanup and standardization of the software code should help UBB.threads move forward. It was a huge job and one that was obviously put off for many releases.

If you have modified your board (modifications to stock UBB.Threads code), you can use an automation tool such as Beyond Compare to assist with your manual upgrade. Although the list is short, there are quite a few files that have changed for this release. It is also strongly urged that you upload all the files that are in the scripts, templates, admin, libs, languages and ubb_js directories and not rely on the UPGRADE_CHANGES.txt file. This will also ensure that any older file changes are also pulled into the current release.

UBBCentral has professional staff on hand and offers professional install and upgrade services available in the Members Area.

We are also working on our next release which will include a much anticipated mobile UBB theme as well as further SEO enhancements.

Special thanks to James Corthell (Gremelin @ VNC Web Services), Isaac DeCoursey (isaac @ id242.com) for their hard work on the UBB.threads v7.5.9 release.

Version Discussion and Changelog