Author: James Corthell, VNC Web Services
Current Release: 20170227 (Click Here to always be directed to the latest version).
Demo: UBB.Wiki, UBB.Developers
Documentation: UBB.Wiki: UBB.threads System Requirements Test

The UBB.threads System Requirements Test is a standalone script which will test your hosting environment for various required libraries and will alert you to potential issues that you may run into with your sites configuration.

Check Examples
Compatibility Checks
- PHP Version
- filter_var
- mysql_connect
- mb_convert_case
- iconv
- ctype
- GD
- preg_replace
- json_encode
- DOMDocument
- SimpleXMLElement
Possible Problems
- PHP File Get Contents
- PHP Allow URL FOpen - File Get Contents Remote URLs
- PHP fsockopen
- PHP Max Input Vars
- PHP Max Execution Time
- PHP Memory Limit
- Suhosin
-- Suhosin - Post Max Vars
-- Suhosin - Request Max Vars
Additional Information
- GZip
- Maximum Execution Time
- Maximum UBB.threads Version
- Maximum Upload File Size
- Memory Limit
- PHP Interface
- PHP Version
- Reported Host
- Reported IP
- Reported OS
- Reported Path
- Reported Port
- Post Max Size
- Time
- Upload Maximum Filesize
- ZLib

Developer Notes
Release Build 20170227
- Fancy Indicators - An option has been added for "Fancy Indicators" (cups of coffee vs bullets), which is on by default.
- BASE64 Favicon - The UBBWiki favicon has been added as a BASE64 encoded image.
- New Color Scheme - New, Faster, and Revamped!
- Update Check - An option to check UBBWiki for the latest version, to ensure you're using the most up to date version of code checks (we assume that file_get_contents exists and allow_url_fopen is enabled; which are base functions and are required to use the Stop Forum Spam functionality in UBB.threads.
- Additional Checks - mb_convert_case (required for UTF8 support, which is required for future PHP7 support), allow_url_fopen (which is required for Stop Forum Spam to function).

Release Build 20170202
- Added a check for the PHP "mysql_connect" function, which is required to connect to the MySQL database.
- Added a "linkback" function and linked all of the error/warning messages to their anchor on this Wiki page.
- Updated several comments to checks which aren't yet live (they're commented out because UBB.threads does not require them current (mysqli_connect, spl_autoload_register, PDO::ATTR_DRIVER_NAME, max_input_time, suhosin.get.max_vars)

Release Build 20170101
- Added additional checks for file_get_contents and fsockopen (used by the Stop Forum Spam feature).
- Added a target to all of the links, so that you stay on page while reading additional information.
- Removed most v7.6.0 notices, to make the script target past UBB.threads builds as well.
- Updated styling.
- Updated URLs to UBBWiki and VNC Web Services to default to SSL.

Release Build 20160222
- Added a notice for lack of PHP7 support, if detected.
- Added coding for future checks of MySQLi and PDO, depending on future plans for PHP7 compatibility.
- General Code Cleanup
- Maximum UBB.threads version check added; will check your reported PHP version against the minimum requirements for UBB.threads on all versions in the 7.5.x series as well as the upcoming 7.6.x series.
- Modified how several existing checks reported information.
- Added a display of the detected operating system and interface used by the web server.

Release Build 20151204
- Now HTML5 valid
- General Script Cleanup
- Will now always display values for PHP Maximum Execution Time, PHP Memory Limit, and the PHP Version running on the server.

Release Build 20150914
- Added checks for filter_var and the display of the unadjusted server time.

Release Build 20150502
- Initial public build.

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