A member on our 7.6.0 forum wrote below feedback.
Morgan, can you add a small feature?

Please check it and see if this is something you can add in a coming version.


At the top of each page (just below the ads banner), on the left side, is a hierarchical string of forum path to the thread you are in, at any given time.

A very nice feature is to copy that string to the bottom of the last thread or reply in a thread, so that you can navigate away (or back up besides just "TOP"), without having to go back to the top.

It's a VERY small convenience, but is nice to have!

THANX AGAIN, for this fine forum, took me a couple of weeks to get used to the changes, but I'm good with it again.

EDIT: I see the "Hop To" link, but if you click "hop to" the same forum you are already in, it doesn't go anywhere... (it would be nice if it hopped to that forum's thread list)

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Morgan Johansson
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