I often read a PM reply (or not) and move to the next or go to normal forums. I tend not to delete the PM conversations when they are fresh because there might be a lagging reply or the subject might be important to archive -- at least for awhile.

When PMs approach the quota it is time to clean house but scattered along the timeline are PM's I want to save and others that can be deleted.

I may be blind but when reading a PM conversation there does not appear to be a way to go to the next or prior conversation. Along those same lines when deleting a conversation it would be great if there was an option to display the next conversation instead of dumping you back to page 1 of the PM listing.

With these capabilities it would be quick work to review the PM conversations and move to the next if you do not want to delete it. Or if you did delete it you could also move to the next.

If deleting a PM conversation using the checkbox and Delete Selected on the PM list page the program always drops you back to page 1. It would be really nice to drop you back to the page of listings you were on.