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Well, the OS doesn't really matter; I have a Linux Server (Ubuntu) with a upnp streamer and samba configured and I have a windows server running tversity (win7) and windows file sharing on... both stream to the xbox and ps3 without any issues.

1tb hd's are only like $80, you don't have to have a powerful machine, anything 1ghz or so should work fine...

Long story.
Tversity works but two big flaws for me.
1. It compresses on the fly to a different codec. That is why it works on most formats because it does what it does.
Using vob files I loose the dolby 5.1 because it is muxed down to two channel stereo
2. art work does not work for all file formats. Like vob even if you paste a folder.jpg in the directory.

I have tried them all and like I said.
One or the other will not give it all up.
Lossless format with metatag info for music,photo,video.

Twonky seems to be my best bet for lossless or almost lossless.
Since they have a custom applet already seeded in the hp I am interested. And they have a linux version

I have never been a fan of hp but I like the home server they make. Small ,Expandable to like 13TB. Using the 4 drive bays + the esata and usb external ports.
If I could find something else like this that supports xp,vista,win 7 and linux @ 2GHZ I would consider.

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