After nearly 20 years of running a variety of boxes in the home, (starting with a closet XT PC running a BBS, up to a "look at my big huge rack from the Wal-Mart data center filled with machines that spin the power meter like crazy", most recently to a FreeBSD VM running on a family PC,) I yearned for simplicity and went to a MediaSmart box.

I wish I'd have done it sooner. Just today I had to do a restore of my "big dell" (Precision 650, animal style) and it was my first use of the WHS restore. That alone was worth what I paid for it ($199 on Amazon.) Not to mention being able to centralize my file storage and serve up web pages on it's IIS.

Still need to setup more features such as the RDP passthrough, but so far, it's been a very great investment.

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