Well the server came Saturday.
Did have a big problem.
The system drive was not completely inserted and the lock was not turned completely.
So the drive probably bumped out a bit during shipping.

Of course I found this out after the fact.

It worked for the initial install then ??? intermittent problems.

So the drive became corrupted.
What a nightmare! With only one drive there was nothing to mirror to.
When I finally figured it out it was to late.
The recover disk would not work because it was a used drive.
It would not reinstall from the image because the disk was already formatted.
Ended up sticking the drive in my desktop.
Removed the partition,formatted and deleted the volume so it would look like a virgin drive.
Then the recover disk would do its thing.
But that still took a couple of tries with the paper clip on the reset.

Talking to Bill at hp. With a heavy Indian accent did not help.
They walked me through reinstalling the client software and my firewall settings.
Which I disabled my firewall and updated the client software many times.
I finally asked what is the method to replace the system drive and reinstall the software.
Pretty much the answer was hot swap. But of course that did not work for just a single drive system.

So now it is up. I have a little less hair and am shopping for that 2tb second drive. Not sure how it handles mirror settings on a mix 1tb and 2tb. Since it not a true raid.

Still happy camper though.

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