As a current dis-satisfied minraven customer I decided to try express hosting with a non ubb personal site.
Elected the cheap shared hosting plan.
So far all I can say is wow!
Tom is a dream to work with.
All I did was give him my login at mindraven.
Not cpanel but the client login.
He took care of everything.
Downloaded backups, uploaded same and it was working in a matter of less than a hour.
Also pointed the domain to the new servers.
Then offered to handle domain name transfer which is in the process.

I did install ubb afterwards just to test compatibility and it worked flawless.

The only items I noticed was:
1. Captcha did appear to build a little slow. Possibly just a cache issue.
2. Until you take the leap there is very little documentation on what to do or what is needed.
But Tom jumped in and took care of everything.

He was also very in tune with ubb even thought it was not used on this site. But the initial email was right on track on what I need to do to move the site. close the board etc.
My first email received after signup:
The next step in the process is to get the current username and password for your account at Mindraven. Once we have that information we can get ready to perform the migration from Mindraven to our hosting servers. The process goes like this:

1) You login to the admin section of the UBB and put your bulletin board into maintenance mode.
2) You give us the go ahead and we will migrate your account from Mindraven (web, email, database, etc - everything will remain the same) to our hosting platform.
3) We update your DNS at the Mindraven servers to point to your new IP.
4) We update the nameservers with your registrar to point to our nameservers
5) On the new server instance you can set the UBB install to be online again (leaving the old UBB in maintenance mode). This will help prevent any posts from being made to the old server.

If you want, I can give you a call, or you can give me a call (I am in the office today working on some other things). 866-656-2229 x2001 - the message says we are closed, but you can dial my extension anyways and reach me.

Also followup was great.
I am counting at least 10 emails on status and updates and there was not one hiccup.

And BTW, Tom speaks english. LOL

Don't loose this guy Brooks.

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