@M4TT, this is probably what you're looking for. As gizmo pointed out, all of the new codes have also been updated to support https. As usual, after youve updated, run the post/content rebuilder. If you have any third-party software or plugins on your website (not ubb.threads software), you'll need to update those for https per their own instructions.

The following is from the "Special Instructions" section of the v7.6.0 upgrade guide at


Updated Media Tags
  • Flash Video Embed
  • MySpace Video
  • Vimeo Video
  • Yahoo Video
  • YouTube Video

There are new Media Tags which support displaying videos on mobile devices. You will need to install these manually. After your forum has been upgraded, go to "Control Panel » Content Rebuilder" and select the "Custom Tag Editor" top tab. Next, choose "Import New Tags" from the bottom tab. And finally, browse to your local install/custom_codes/ directory from the "ubbthreads-XXX.zip" archive and select the "tags.php" file.

This will add new set of Media Tags to your existing set. The new items will be prefixed by "[new]". From this screen, you can also disable any tag which you dont want displayed on your forum. You should delete any of your old tags that were upgraded within the new set.

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