Sorry for the delay, I got busy with other things.

While editing the stock code may be unsupported, I've been doing it since 2002. I have a long list of things I change in the code every time I upgrade it, for a variety of reasons. There's all sorts of things the base code still doesn't do after all this time that I need it to do. For example I frequently use the 'remove bounces' admin code that I think I got from one of you. That really should be in the base code set. Also, I don't have the importer redirect table because years ago someone here told me I could remove it, so I also therefore have to remove the code in that references that. And so on.

If you're saying there is now an option in here to turn off all follow email, where is that? I can't seem to find it.

I've already disabled birthday alerts - those went as soon as I had the option. All I want it to do is send the new member info and lost password info. Anything else causes me to get my mailer banned because I have so many members. The messages bouncing are definitely notices about forum threads being updated.

I have a dedicated server. I log in directly to the OS to administer it. I'm old school smile. It's not another user triggering this.

It's definitely these forum notifications doing it. The problem definitely happens when people revive an old thread which hasn't been touched in 10 years, the messages go out to all those old and half-gone email addresses, and SLAM I'm hit.

I'll keep testing and watching it.

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