The UBB.threads System Requirements Test script has been updated, the 20190121 release has the following changes:
- Added an option to not parse the config file when the path is populated; this will allow a version check without a full configuration file parse.
- Added a MySQL Version Check when the path is populated, this will display your MySQL Server version in the Additional Information area.
- Retooled the min/max version version check to display a combined warning when the system doesn't support UBB.threads.
- Added a tick to switch the list style, current options are now 0/Bullets, 1/Fancy Indicators (FA Coffee Mugs), 2/Numerated, 3/Roman Numerals
- Lowered the check value of "max_execution_time" to be at least 30 seconds (from 60 seconds).

TLDR; You can now have a version check without a full configuration parsing, check your MySQL version, added a version check for the v7.7.0 release which includes PHP7.0-PHP7.3 support, more list formats, and a lower max_execution_time check.

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