The UBB.threads System Requirements Test script has been updated, the 20190628 release has the following changes (Release Announcement):
- Added: Database Statistics now display when including your UBB.threads configuration (Server Version, Database Size, Max Allowed Connections, Max Allowed Packet, Index Usage, Query Cache Size)
- Added: Introduced a human readable parsing option for items requiring a comma
- Added: New v7.7.2 configuration variables (Identicons, Social Fields, HTTPs Images, News Images, IP & Location URLs, UTF8 Conversion)
- Added: SMTP values are now in the suppressed items array
- Added: There is now an option to display the page output as a text only listing which suppresses all page styling.
- Fix: Maximum Upload Size Allowed has been updated to use min() to detect the smaller value.
- Fix: Reported Path now suppresses its value when $conf["mask"] is enabled
- Updated: "build_check" Function, and Code/Styling Updates & Cleanup

TLDR; Database Statistics are now available, along with new configuration strings for the configuration parser. There are a couple of bug fixes, and some code was cleaned up.

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