The UBB.threads System Requirements Test script has been updated, the 20190727 release has the following changes:
- Added: Added a filesize display, which will show filesizes as they're expected (as bytes/megabytes/gigabytes; see $conf["filesize"]).
- Added: Added a human readable display, which will commify any large numbers (see $conf["human"]).
- Added: We now check for the PHP function "exif_read_data" which can read your device orientation for photo uploads.
- Added: We now check for the PHP Handler "suphp" and provide a warning if your $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] has chmods greater than 755.
- Added: We now check for the UBB.threads configuration variable "IPGEO_LOOKUP" (Enable Reverse Geo-IP Lookups).
- Added: Introduced a basic troubleshooter which will detect issues with your UBB.threads configuration
- Added: Added a troubleshooter for chmods greater than 755 while operating under suphp for both your forum and forum admin folders.
- Added: Added a troubleshooter which will alert you to missing ImageMagick paths when it is detected on the system but values are not in your UBB.threads configuration.
- Added: Added a troubleshooter which will alert you when both GD and ImageMagick appear to be missing from your system.
- Change: The "max_execution_time" notice now recommends a value no higher than 60.
- Change: The Admin Log Path, SQL Log Path, and Session Path values are set to be scrubbed by default; if you would like to share those paths and private data you may set the $conf["private"] variable to 1 (default 0).
- Change: Various code cleanup and CSS formatting changes.

TLDR; A new troubleshooting tool, new compatibility checks for UBB.threads requirements and suphp detection, human readable filesizes and numbers, and protected private paths for logging directories.

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