Baldeagle, thank you for reporting this.

I was able to reproduce the error, and correct it.

IN /scripts/
FIND (around line 859):
$results[$i]['POST_BODY'] = "<a href=\"" . make_ubb_url("ubb={$mode}&Number=$NewNumber", "", false) . "\">{$ubbt_lang['POINTER']}</a>{$results[$i]['POST_BODY']}";

$results[$i]['POST_BODY'] = "<a href=\"" . make_ubb_url("ubb={$mode}&topic=$NewNumber", "", false) . "\">{$ubbt_lang['POINTER']}</a>{$results[$i]['POST_BODY']}";

The bug was introduced in UBB.threads 7.7.2 (Released July 2nd, 2019), and also exists in UBB.threads 7.7.3 (Released July 28th, 2019). It will be fixed for UBB.threads 7.7.4.

This bug occurs when a entire thread is being moved and a pointer is left in its old location. From the list in my previous post, that would be, "3" with "a".

This fix reverts a code change I had incorrectly made in 7.7.2. With this correction, all moved post pointers should now function correctly again.

Again, thanks to Baldeagle for being the first to report this bug!

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