I certainly didn't mean that my site is bigger than Facebook by server stats. I meant that we outperform Facebook on the value of our content for the users of our forum. But our users repeatedly tell me that they want the easy upload that Facebook, eBay and even Gallery2 have. If they don't get that, I can't blame them for looking elsewhere.

Mobile devices are taking over as the preferred way to access the Web by average users. Nearly all have a built-in camera. Communicating by using photos is growing each year, prompted by the ease and instantaneous capability to take a picture and post it on the Web. Easy on Facebook, eBay and Gallery2, but not on UBB.

So now I understand that if I continue with UBB, then I'm on my own to deal with optimizing user uploaded images. Sounds like UBB isn't willing to change with the times. It isn't 1996 any more.