Special Upgrade Instructions for 7.6.0
Several new CSS classes and Media Tags have been added.

New CSS Classes
  • .announce_css (Properties for: Post List Announcement Topics)
  • .sticky_css (Properties for: Post List Sticky Topics)
  • .post-nav (Properties for: Post Navigator)
  • .post-nav:hover (Properties for: Post Navigator => Hove-over Button Display)
  • .major-button (Properties for: Special Form Buttons)
  • .pagination (Properties for: Pagination Container)
  • .pages (Properties for: Pagination Pages)
  • .page-cur (Properties for: Pagination Current Page)
  • .page-n (Properties for: Pagination Number)
  • .pagenav (Properties for: Pagination Navigator)
  • .pagenavall (Properties for: Pagination Display All)

When you went through the upgrader, these new style properties were automatically added to your current Styles with their basic settings, to help you update your current styles. You'll want to review each of your style sheets and adjust the settings for each of them.

As mentioned in "Performing the Upgrade" post above, you will need to copy over /styles/common.css and /styles/admin.css from the archive directory to your corresponding forum styles location. Be careful not to overwrite your /styles/wrappers.php.

Updated Media Tags
  • Flash Video Embed
  • MySpace Video
  • Vimeo Video
  • Yahoo Video
  • YouTube Video

There are new Media Tags which support displaying videos on mobile devices. You will need to install these manually. After your forum has been upgraded, go to "Control Panel » Content Rebuilder" and select the "Custom Tag Editor" top tab. Next, choose "Import New Tags" from the bottom tab. And finally, browse to your local install/custom_codes/ directory from the "ubbthreads-XXX.zip" archive and select the "tags.php" file.

This will add new set of Media Tags to your existing set. The new items will be prefixed by "[new]". From this screen, you can also disable any tag which you dont want displayed on your forum. You should delete any of your old tags that were upgraded within the new set.