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I logged out to see if that changed anything and now can't log in. Any idea?

If you are using StopForumSpam, skim through this post:
Though, since you done a bunch of custom modifications to your forums (my guess) you may have introduced an error.
BTW, your forums look really good!

And the "UBB.threads 7.6.0 Refresh (2017-02-24)" notes in this current thread, just a few posts up.
Direct link: https://www.ubbcentral.com/forums/u...re-7-6-0-changelog-discussion#Post259092

I removed the two lines from the script but still have same issues. I went to my php.ini file and enabled cgi.fix_pathinfo=1 as could not find pathinfo but assumes this but no change. Any ideas? I ended up disabling the friendly URLs as others having issues with the same error msg

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