STYLES - BASIC (tl:dr)
There are several new Styles which you can use on your forums. The UBB.threads 7.5 series styles have also been upgraded to a more modern style.

UBB.threads 7.5 Styles - Upgraded for 7.6
  • UBB.threads
  • UBB.threads - Dark
  • UBB.threads - Light

UBB.threads 7.6 Styles - New
  • UBBCentral
  • UBBCentral - Crimson (Red-White)
  • UBBCentral - Lime (LightGreen-Green)
  • UBBCentral - Marshmallow (Blue-Green)
  • UBBCentral - Mocha (Brown-DarkGreen)
  • UBBCentral - Zen (BlueGrey-Grey)

You can easily import these new Styles the same way you've always been able to import styles;

Go to Control Panel » Styles | Import Style bottom tab
Browse to your local install/styles/ directory from the "" archive and select the style file you want to import. After its imported, you'll be within the Style Editor. Just click the "Update or Add Style" button at the bottom. Your newly imported style is now ready to be used by your users. Repeat this for each of the other new/updated styles you want to use.

If you are currently using a stock style from UBB.threads 7.5 series, it is highly recommended that you update to the matching current style from within the 7.6.0 archive.

This section is intended for advanced users, or those wanting further documentation. It also covers upgrading your custom styles and creating your own.

STYLE NAMES FOR install/styles/
UBB.threads 7.5 Series
  • 1.txt, as ubb or ubbthreads
  • 2.txt, as new-light or ubbthreads-light or original-stock
  • 3.txt, as new-dark or ubbthreads-dark or original-dark

UBB.threads 7.6 Series
  • 1 UBB.threads
  • 2 UBB.threads - Dark
  • 3 UBB.threads - Light
  • 4 UBBCentral
  • 5 UBBCentral - Crimson (Red-White)
  • 6 UBBCentral - Lime (LightGreen-Green)
  • 7 UBBCentral - Marshmallow (Blue-Green)
  • 8 UBBCentral - Mocha (Brown-DarkGreen)
  • 9 UBBCentral - Zen (BlueGrey-Grey)

for responsive design to work correctly on your forums with customized styles

** If you are using stock, unmodified styles from UBB.threads 7.5 series **
These are the same directions as written within the "Basic (tl;dr)" section. They are written here in further detail, for those who find that following steps-by-numbers much easier. For forum admins with customized styles, skip this group, and read below.
1. Go to Control Panel » Styles
2. Click the "Import Style" bottom tab.
3. Click "Browse" and navigate to: install/styles/ -- This is at the location you've extracted the to on your local computer.
4. Select "1_UBB.threads.txt" (for "UBB.threads" Style) and Continue. NOTE: The UBB.threads 7.5 series and the new UBB.threads 7.6 series style names are listed above this section for comparison.
5. Once your chosen style has been imported, you'll be at the "Edit or Add a Style" page. Confirm that Images within "Name, Images & Wrapper" is set to "default" or ("ubb" if you want to use the new images) and click the "Update or Add Style" button.
Do steps 2 through 5 for each of the other new/updated styles you want to use.

From the Styles list page; now you can mark your older stock styles Inactive, or Delete them if you choose. Dont forget to set a Default style for your forums.

** If you are using a customized style on your forum **
1. Find and Remove the width property and its % or px value in the following Style Settings.
EXAMPLE: "width: XX%;" or "width: XXpx;"

General CSS Properties:
  • .body_col

Left/Right Column Properties:
  • .left_col
  • .right_col

Post Properties:
  • .post-content

UBBCode Properties:
  • .ubbcode-block
  • .ubbcode-header
  • .ubbcode-body

2. Click the "Update or Add Style" button when you're done.
3. Do step 1 and 2 for each of your custom styles.

Four of the colored UBBCentral styles (Lime, Marshmallow, Mocha, Zen) are inspired by Google's Material Design color palettes.
You can use one of these styles as a foundation to build your own custom color combinations.

Within each of these colored UBBCentral styles, there is a comment/notation next to each color property.
For example: "/* 900p */"

The 900 corresponds hue of the color palette.
The "p" corresponds to the PRIMARY color palette.
An "s" would correspond to the SECONDARY color palette.

The colored UBBCentral styles only use two color palettes, and a shade of WHITE or GREY or BLACK.
For example: "/* white */" or "/* grey */" or "/* black */"

This should make creating your new custom theme easy.

"Mocha" uses a custom hue of green (#006341) for its secondary (s) color, not picked from Google's Material color palette.
"Crimson" uses a single palette of deep-red shades, and does not have any comments/notations next to each of its CSS colors.
The primary "UBBCentral" style is not based on Google's Material Design color palette, and does not have any comments/notations next to each of its CSS colors.