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I can see your not happy and that's why we
have other options out there.

Darn straight! I use Firefox for my general browsing. I installed IE7 on my new second system for testing. Ewwww!


And NOW what?? Yahoo Toolbar doesn't default to showing when you close/reopen your browser?? You have to enable it manually every time???????? mad

Jeez! ALL I just did was open IE7, enabled Yahoo toolbar, moved (yet again) my Links toolbar on the same line as Yahoo, hit Exit... and it crashed again.

Microsoft: "This problem was caused by Yahoo Toolbar." LMAO!! Why take any responsibility??!!

Okay, let's see... "A newer version of Yahoo! Toolbar is available for download that will address this problem." --- What, it's gonna uninstall IE7 for me?? laugh laugh laugh

(PS - That update did the trick I think wink )

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