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Thank you for the response but most of us here with a shared hosting account have had issues with email throttling.
meaning I have a ubb forum with say a 1000+ users.
So I decide to use the email function in the ubb control panel.
What will happen?
What is the limit on sending emails per hour,minute?

Ah, good question Ruben.

The answer is nothing. The system will send out emails as fast as it possibly can. What the receiving end does is another matter (Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail will all throttle a specific IP address for having sent more than an allowed amount in a specific time frame) and that is, of course, out of our hands.

We have many customers that do daily mass mailings to thousands of users. We understand that this is a viable method for communicating with customers. The only thing we ask is that removal requests/complaints are acted on quickly. That's just good Internet etiquette.

If you are sending out 1000's of messages to your clients every 15 minutes, then we might need to have a talk. smile

We also offer VPS and dedicated servers for those customers that need more capacity/control/etc.

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