Cripes. We were just in the midst of planning for a move to Mindraven due to a history of good service from Rick, so found this news of the sale quite disappointing but glad to have found out in advance!

It is beyond me to comprehend why he would not have approached you for an offer first Brooks, to at least see if you might be interested.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention for the benefit of readers, that Brooks' team was asked to put 7.5.6p2 into place on our site. The process was handled professionally, quickly, and without a hitch it was done - a good first experience overall. Thank you Brooks (et al)!

Two quick questions, if I may:
Our current host is at times 'throttling' our site mad and from what I gather, many hosts actively discourage business of hosting community forums. 1. Does your partner, Express Hosting, utilize any form of throttling and, 2. what rate is charged should a site exceed the monthly bandwidth limit please? Not that we'd exceed it - just curious.

Thank you!
And thank you Stan for the heads-up about this!