To be honest, when we had choose to purchase Mindraven, we had invested a lot in "competents" technicians to assure to our customers a fast migration without problems. By the way, our outsourced support company (that i will don't give the name here), have started the transfer without advertise us because they said simply, only a downtime of 15 minutes was scheduled for all hosting accounts.. what was completely false !

Because these "stupid" guys, we have lost all our credibility and we have lost 4 customers.. customers that we respect and that we are really sorry to see leave from our new company.

Now, we have a solid structuration, all our servers are now fully compatible with ubbforum and we can guarantee to our mindraven customers that we can guarantee now a REAL 99.9% uptime guarantee and the best technical support possible.

For the next new year, we will put online our new website with a brand new look and we hope this new year 2012 will be a new start for us.

And to stop all rumors, Mindraven was not purchased by an Indian company but from a Canadian company. Our servers are hosted at Montreal(QC), about 3-4 states of Chicago, where was localized the old datacenter, by this way, you can keep an excellent ping and a fast servers.

A big thank to all customers that understand our situation and that continue to support us ! Thank you very much.


Israel Gaudette