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Two quick questions, if I may:
Our current host is at times 'throttling' our site mad and from what I gather, many hosts actively discourage business of hosting community forums. 1. Does your partner, Express Hosting, utilize any form of throttling and, 2. what rate is charged should a site exceed the monthly bandwidth limit please? Not that we'd exceed it - just curious.

Hi there. My name is Tom and I run ExpressHosting. Brooks pointed me to your post and I wanted to take a minute to answer your questions directly.

1) Throttling: ExpressHosting has no problem hosting community forums, but we do use a form of throttling on our shared servers called CloudLinux. CloudLinux is designed to help moderate sites and prevent them from using more than their fair share at any given time. Most customers never even notice it.

For example, we had a site that was listed on a big site suddenly one day. The surge in traffic crushed the site, but CloudLinux prevented this site from crashing the other sites on the shared server. We moved that customer to a dedicated server and throttling is no longer an issue.

2) Bandwidth: We have a pretty lax policy on bandwidth utilization. If you happen to go over one month, we don't mind and we will just reset the bandwidth for your site for that month. If it is something that is consistently occurring, we would suggest you move to the next hosting package up to give yourself more bandwidth (our packages double in size for each tier). Our base package includes 100GB of monthly data transfer, so you have to try pretty hard to meet that.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you for the response but most of us here with a shared hosting account have had issues with email throttling.
meaning I have a ubb forum with say a 1000+ users.
So I decide to use the email function in the ubb control panel.
What will happen?
What is the limit on sending emails per hour,minute?

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