so a company in India took over MindRaven?
And moved everything to their servers in India?

I upgraded to a semi-dedicated server on Sept. 14th.
Today i get online and I've lost all posts and over 1000 new members dating back to Sept 14th. Where is the last 2 months?????

Who are the new owners?

Has anyone contacted them yet?


We confirm than we have make an error to outsource our support with an India company and this is for why we have got a lot of problem in the migration of our server.

We have rectified the situation and now we have our own technicians.
We apologize really for the customers that have lost posts in the migration of our servers, our "outsourced" technician was forget to update the mysql localhost for the ip on the new server.. Our error, and i confirm also than we have applied some credits to customers due to this error.

Now our team of technical support is simply awesome and we work a lot to make our customers 100% satisfied !

Israel Gaudette

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