My site also has had some missing posts. AND PMs sent, then disappearing.

Larger issue, my site has two webcams, connecting via FTP every 5 minutes to upload a new picture. Yesterday (Nov 7), they were completely unable to connect. And I was unable to connect directly via FTP as well.

I opened a Mindraven support ticket, and was told they had shut down ftp access while they migrated the site to a different server "for better performance". About midnight Pacific Standard time (San Francisco, California, USA), I noticed there were missing messages.

FTP started working soon after that, but today, I had more trouble with ftp: One remote connection working, the other not, then vice versa. As I write this, one is currently not working.

In my Mindraven support ticket, I have been answered by several: Anand, then Priya, and last, Yogesh.

Edit: And I see my server is now listed at iWeb Technologies Inc., Montreal, Canada. crazy

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