Changelog 2017-10-10
[NEW] New Settings drop-down menu has been added. This menu replaces the "My Stuff" menu, and will display regardless of whether your site profile has "My Account menu list as a left navigation menu" or not. This new menu displays quick information regarding your account, such as Post count and Private Message count, your Avatar and Display name. It also will allow you to quickly jump to those areas or jump to any other Account related page.
[NEW] New "Attachments" page has been added to the Control Panel. The settings on this page will allow you to control the size and compression of image attachments in posts and galleries. It will also allow you to disable original image resizes and/or compression managements. Documentation and default values are also displayed on this page.
[NEW] New Posts will now display a "NEW" indicator in the post subject/details bar. It has its own language file entry and can be easily updated to whatever phrase/language works best with your forums. It can be customized within the Style Editor as .post-new, per each Custom Style.
[NEW] Posts by the thread author now have an "OP" indicator next to their user name. It can be customized within the Style Editor as .post-op, per each Custom Style. This should help readers more easily identify who is the thread's Original Poster (The person who began the current thread) in long threads.
[NEW] New default avatars will be displayed for users who do not have an custom profile avatar. The avatar is a square with the first letter of that user's Display Name within it. It can be customized within the Style Editor as .avatar-none, per each Custom Style. This should help readers better identify who is commenting on the current topic.
[NEW] Long pages now will display a "Return to Top" chevron that can be clicked on to return the user back to the top of the page. It can be customized within the Style Editor as #top-button, per each Custom Style. This button will scroll the page back up to the top, and will not change the URL in any way. Previously, a "Top" text link displayed next every post, and within the footer of every page. It would also add a "#top" to the end of the URL.
[UPDATE] The "My Stuff" menu is now "My Account."
[UPDATE] Private Messages indicator is now always displayed, making it easy for you to visit your Private Messages from any page. The classic/iconic flashing New Message indicator has been put to rest. If you have new messages, the envelope will be displayed in red. this is incorrect. The "flashing message indicator" lives another day. Sorry, not sorry laugh
[UPDATE] Topics can now be re-rated. If Topic Ratings are enabled, users can update their previous topic ratings. (Thanks to Mark_S for this suggestion!)
[UPDATE] Topic Ratings menu has been completely updated. Star count and rating name (from Excellent to Terrible) is now displayed next to the rating. Users can mouse-over the rating button to view the number of ratings and the average rating. Users who have previously rated the topic will now have their previous rating displayed and preselected when they click on the thread rating button.
[UPDATE] Gallery List has been updated to present a clean and consistent display of Gallery details. Gallery ratings can now also be displayed along the same line as the Gallery details without wrapping to a new line.
[UPDATE] Style Previews within the Style Editor have all been updated to represent the updated forum layouts and tags.
[UPDATE] Active Topics layout has been adjusted to display a the first section of each listed post. Post formatting is no longer removed.
[UPDATE] Custom Titles are now shown in Italic font. Forum Group Titles remain in regular font. This is an attempt to bring more attention to the user's custom title, and help prevent users from faking a "Moderator" or "Admin" title where forums dont usually use Profile Badges for these groups.
[UPDATE] Several language strings have been updated, with a few new ones being added, and the unused ones being removed.
[UPDATE] Updated html5shiv library from 3.7.2 to version 3.7.3
[FIX] User Avatar sizes on posts have been fixed.
[FIX] User Avatars are now displayed on Mobile screens.
[FIX] Gallery Threads now display the OP with the exact same style as post_top/mobile layout. All author details that are found within regular threads, are now displayed on Gallery threads.
[FIX] Any code and page validation errors that were found, were fixed. There were a few of each.

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