UBB.threads Patch -- Changelog 2018-01-09
[FIX] Fixed a Login bug where if you had Spider-friendly URLs disabled and attempted to login, the page would display a "File not found" error message above the login options.
[FIX] Permissions within the Control Panel will no longer display a blank entry when the field is null. Those fields are now displayed as just "0" (Disabled).
[FIX] Fixed an IE10/11 user avatar display bug.
[FIX] Fixed missing sticky image and poll image display on the post list.
[UPDATE] Permissions description within the Control Panel has been updated for simplicity and to further clarify the available entries.
[UPDATE] "Max File Size for Displaying Attached Images Inline" has been moved to the main Attachments settings page within the Control Panel.
[UPDATE] Updated Font Awesome library from 5.0.1 to version 5.0.4
[NEW] The Forum Jumper menu can now return you to the current forum's index page when clicking on "Hop To".
[NEW] Attachment Display is now customizable between Grouped or Inlined. Grouped images are displayed as thumbnails grouped together under the post. Inlined images are displayed at full width (while still fitting within the post width) just under the post text.

The items listed above are part of the "Release Refresh" that was pushed to the Member Area on UBBCentral. These items are primarily related to fixing functionality and display issues discussed with solutions on the UBBCentral forums within the first single week of release. The remaining items are feature requests that just happen to have made it in to this patch (possibly by magic).

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