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UBB.threads styles - Updated
UBB.threads - Dark
UBB.threads - Light
we do have old members using theses styles
I have not updated these in the past and not now so how important is it and how can I update them?

If you remove a style that one of your members is using, they will be bumped back to using your forum's Default Style.

If you have imported a new style to replace the old one, they can reselect that new style. Its very unlikely, but they might post a message about their style setting be reset back to default. Post a message that you've updated the styles to their most current versions, and that everyone should check them out laugh

The 7.6.1 updated styles have a few alignment corrections to their former 7.6.0 versions.

They also include all the new 7.6.1 style attributes for things like the "Return to Top" FAB and "No Avatar" items. Each has their own matching customizations for each style.

If you were to continue using the styles included with your 7.6.0 install, you'd be displaying those items with the basic forum default setting. So its really not a problem either way. Totally your call. If you did not customize the 7.6.0 styles currently on your forums, you should replace them with the current versions.

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