Sorry It was late and thought i had posted this on the DEV site...

Stock files no problem I agree.

The installer language update does say "Update By Hand" as an option.
So following that option as I do have customised "Stock" language files I proceed.

I'm then presented with a page that shows me the changes that are required to move to the next stage.

I then proceed to open up each of the language files and make the changes recommended and upload that language file again.
I can then run the "retest" option at the top of the page. I can then see the remove strings no longer being highlighted as an issue. I can also add the strings in the language files and upload them and again re-run the test on that page and the list of queries getting less and less until i have a page of "String not been updated"..

At this point i know i do not need to add any missing variables or strings. Which is a great way of staying up to date with changes, and testament to the updater and its feedback. Everything is done.... I'm happy with the outstanding changes, but i'm unable to progress to the next part of the update..

In this situation a skip button would have resolved all.

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