What was neat with the installer was it pointed out strings that I had missed, and strings i had not removed.
I had about 6 of each to remove and add.

So as I was going through the install the language loop was allowing me to modify the language files which was pretty neat very much how the file checker can work for you. Using the re-test option and any remove this and add that prompts did go away only leaving the not updated prompts.

I cross checked the language files associated with those "not updated" i could see the language variable was in my language file, but the description of the string was my own. So my installer was pretty neat at getting everything as it could be. I new the "not updated" list was fine with me just to proceed. But its also allowed me a neat way to update update custom files even if the installer was not designed this way.

1. Run the installer.
2. Modify the language files and up load again.
3. run the test again.
4. Once done, showing only "not updated", download all the language files.
5. upload the stock files.
6. complete the update.
7. upload the custom language files.

It works for me. smile

Loving the software its great...

BOOM !! Version v7.6.1.1
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