Upgrade glitch.

Im upgrading my test board from 7.6.0 to 7.6.1
My 7.6.0 install was from our beta days, but I had manually and painstakingly updated 7.6.0 with my custom edits in my language files.

Im running the upgrade from the install directory, as you do. Everything is going better than great until the language file step 7 I think it shows, but I can not move forward past this point as it sees files as different and thats fine as they belong to a recognised language string, only my content is different.

Ive selected update manually, used the list of edits to be made, chipping away at the list, adding a few new strings and removing a few also. But left ultimately with the language variables that don't need to be automatically updated.

Ive cross checked. The language variable exists only my string is different...

My work around was to download my English language files. Upload the stock language files, restart the upgrade process, and continue to the end and then upload my manual changed files.

That worked, so the point im making is at the step after selecting update manually, with the retry option or try automatically. I had no option to ignore the files and get to the next step.

There are many other language strings that are customised, so it was strange these did not show in this list of files to be updated. I will drop some screen shots off tomorrow.

The new installer was so informative, and helpful it made the upgrade painless and very easy to follow. I just had no way to advance.

Regards Mark

BOOM !! Version v7.6.1.1
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