Isaac, I just upgraded to 7.7.4

I did not upgrade the styles as I had done that a week back when I imported all the update styles UBBT70-77
Hopefully you have not updated UBBT77 the last week.

Everything seems sofar to work fine.
Have one minor question?

We can now like Threads down to the left on the page beside the Tweet and Share buttons
We can also like individual posts

I have found out to use the top likes in portal page and to click on the link to see Like Summary, here is mine

Now I wonder what happens with the thread "Like" how do I see the result of that?

If a specific post was interesting or useful to you, we recommend that you Like that post. It tells the post author, and others, that you found the information valuable. Clicking Like is another way to let others know that you enjoy it without leaving a comment.

I found that I clicked on like a post button and then it does not show up cause I probably missed to "confirm" the like by clicking another time on a like button that pops up above the post. To me it seems unnatural to have to confirm a like click.

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Morgan Johansson
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