Looks like the virus stroke us too so I'm home again
I closed the forum
backed up database
Content Rebuilder > Transition Actions, click on Update All Tables to utf8mb4_general_ci
collation tables are the new
however the page not green ok's but not the last chunk uf paypal texts andthere is no instruktion below how to proceed
but when I open a new browser window it seems to have open the board

I have not yet dared to enable eg. utf8mb4_general_ci in Control Panel Paths & Database
however when I click on
Confirm that your table collations are utf8mb4 (eg. utf8mb4_general_ci) before enabling.

all tables say utf8mb4_general_ci

so do you think its safe to enable the MySQL Full Unicode Support (utf8mb4) ?

Morgan Johansson
BritBike Forum