Isaac you wrote,
Two options are:
A) restore your the backup you made and retain your older database collation.
B) find/replace and/or... continue forward with UTF8, knowing that all of your new posts from the day you choose to convert would be the first day of using modern database encoding standards with your character set.

Defaults in MySQL 8.0
Old Default: latin1
New Default: utf8mb4

I didn't know that I would get corrupted characters when I converted to utf8mb4. I noticed now when opened the PHPMyAdmin that the General settings is "Server connection collation is utf8mb4_unicode_ci" and of course the britbike database is utf8mb4_general_ci.
About the below options
A, does not seems to be an option to keep the old collation as the future is here right..
B, find/replace and/or... don't understand what you mean however if I cannot change ’ into ' in the database.
My simple not by the book quick fix for this after some thinking was Control Panel >> Features >> Active text.. adding following row
and it seems like a short term quick fix.
Now it at least looks right. Is this the only thing I can do do you think?

Hmm I wonder what happen if I ask my host to change MYSQL Version 5.6.45 to 5.7 or greater

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