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Maybe I don't understand what this new tool was supposed to do.
Prior to upgrading
I am set for utf8 in the language file and https.is complete and the database is set at utf8_general_ci
But emojis don't work.

I upgraded to 7.7.4 today and in re builders I find.
Update All Tables to UTF8mb4
Configuration settings indicate that you have aleady completed this action.

So I can't run the tool because it is disabled.

This feature is based on if you have the following setting enabled or not.
Control Panel > Paths & Database > Database

[Linked Image]

When you have it enabled, you have indicated that you've already transitioned your tables collations to utf8mb4 (eg. utf8mb4_general_ci), and thus, the transitioning tool is no longer needed. The message in the transitioning tool states the same.

Visit: Control Panel > Database Tools > Information
View the Collation column.
If the items within that column are not utf8mb4_general_ci, you need to:
1/ Disable (uncheck) the above setting.
2/ Run the transitioning tool.
3/ Follow the link at the bottom of the tool at completion which tells you to enable the setting you prematurely set.


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One other note when attempting to search the language files for the typo for aleady in the control panel I get:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<', expecting end of file in /home4/mysite/public_html/ub/languages/english/faq.php on line 46

But I did find it manually in languages/english/admin/rebuildcontent.php

That looks like it could be related to these from 2018.

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It looks like your languages/english/faq.php file was not created successfully upon upgrade.

The solution is to copy the faq.php file (mentioned above) from your archive, in to the same directory path on your forum install.

YOURDOMAIN dot com/ ... /languages/english/faq.php

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