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Also I still have my php max execution time large and it ran faster the second time but
Here it is:

Not everyone has access to "max_execution_time", so it has been set right within the script, and only for that single script.

If you need to increase this time for any reason, you can easily do that by updating the values as desired.

Find that setting within forums/admin/convertcollation.php
around line 34
// This process may require more time, so we will extend it here
// 600 seconds = 10 minutes
ini_set('max_execution_time', 600);
Webhosts normally default this to either 30, 60, or 120 seconds for all scripts. We are setting this to 600 seconds just for this single script.

NOTE: Your webhost may not appreciate you taking more time than what they have set per each script, so do not expect to run this task more than once. In fact, this should only ever be run one time, and then you are through with the tool laugh

Check your admin log to confirm that your task was completed, and you're not needlessly running the same process over and over.

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