This bit of progress mostly focused on adding a few new features, tweaking the current ones, and general cleaning up before moving forward again.

The most notable items are the "Signature Display" options and the Suhosin details page. James Corthell (Gizmo) has put a lot of time and work in to implementing this Suhosin checks and details feature.

Changelog 2015-02-10
• LOGIN -Suhosin warning has been updated to just a link which now forwards to its own Suhosin page.
• SHOWUSER -Updated to allow editing of the user's "signature display options"
• SUHOSIN -A new file which outputs your server's suhosin setting details.

• ADMIN/SUHOSIN -New language file to support the suhosin page.
• EDITDISPLAY -Updated language file to support the updated "signature display options"
• MYCOOKIES -Update COOKIE_INFO from "Board" to "Forum"
• SEARCH -New language item. "Submit" button is now "Search Forums" button.
• VIEWMESSAGE -Update DELETE_MESS from "Topic" to "Conversation"

• HTML.INC -Reordered the bottom (miscellaneous) menu items within the left column of the "My Stuff" page. Added "Who's Online". Separated the RSS "Feeds" subscription item from the group.

• ACTIVETOPICS -Preview has been increased form 250chars to 280chars (2x the size of a "Tweet")
• EDITDISPLAY,SHOWFLAT,VIEWMESSAGE -Update to support the updated "signature display options"

• Added a line to hopefully circumvent Mobile Chrome's comically absurd Text Autosizing (Font Boosting)

• ADMIN/*PERMS -Corrected several style references from "autorow-header-2" to "autorow-header-3"
• ADMIN/LOGIN -Suhosin warning updates.
• ADMIN/SHOWUSER -Updated to allow editing of the user's "signature display options"
• ADMIN/SUHOSIN -A new file which outputs your server's suhosin setting details.
• ACTIVETOPICS -Columns reduced from "4" to "3". Topic "Views" and "Replies" is now displayed.
• EDITDISPLAY -New View-Signature options include showing; "Never Show", "Threads Only", "Private Messages Only", or "Always Show"
• HEADER, and SEVERAL OTHER TEMPLATES -If the user is browsing with Internet Explorer 8 or less, /ubb_js/html5shiv.js will be called to help support HTML5.
/TEMPLATES/DEFAULT/HEADER -Menu items with a spaces in them ("Forum Help") are no longer wrapped at the space. Each menu label is as now treated as a single item.
• POST_SIDE -User avatars are now a link to their profile when clicked on.
• PRINTTHREAD -Updated to be much more printer-friendly.
• QUICKREPLY -Some minor spacing adjustments.
• SEARCH -Moved the help-texts in to hover-over tool tips. Forum List was again increased, from 16 to 20, to expand the entire height of the search tool. Additional layout tweaking.

• HTML5SHIV.JS -HTML5 Shiv enables use of HTML5 sectioning elements in legacy Internet Explorer and provides basic HTML5 styling for Internet Explorer 6-8, Safari 4.x (and iPhone 3.x), and Firefox 3.x.

• Additional code optimizations and comment/code cleanup throughout all files.
• More inlined elements from legacy releases have been moved to CSS.

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